Our War ship simulator provides training regarding marine propulsion, handling, navigating of the ship, and making crucial decisions for warships in a sophisticated atmosphere of the actual world without committing any related costs, dangers, and risks. It gives informative simulations about the complete collection of the distinctive characteristics to vessels of warships. Along with it, it also imitates the features of ship handling in a wide range like frigates, offshore patrol vessels, destroyers, and many more. Bridge tool, particularly for warship vessels, is also created as well as managed in an order which gives total feel and looks of a moving warship. 3D scenes and perfect visual display system reflect a convincing and profoundly engaging atmosphere for the training.

This warship simulator helps to evaluate and train the capability of the workforce of the engine department on warships. Ocean warship simulator is based on actual warship technical systems. For instance, it comprises of power generation, damage control machinery, and automation.