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Manufacture and deliver affordable, highly productive simulators across the industry.

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Our capabilities range from bike simulator to any fighter aircraft in the world, not only ground or air we are capable to make any navy warship or even simulators for guns and ammunition. We’re well positioned to meet the advanced training needs of both civil and defense industry customers.


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Warship Simulators

Our Warship simulator provides training regarding marine propulsion, handling, navigating of the ship, and making crucial decisions for warships in a sophisticated atmosphere of the actual world without committing any related costs, dangers, and risks. It gives informative simulations about the complete collection of the distinctive characteristics to vessels of warships. Along with it, it also imitates the features of ship handling in a wide range like frigates, offshore patrol vessels, destroyers, and many more. Bridge tool, particularly for warship vessels, is also created as well as managed in an order which gives total feel and looks of a moving warship.

Submarine Simulators

Submarine simulator of Ocean simulators is specifically designed to provide a real-world atmosphere training for all the submarine crews. Our simulator comprises of all the elements of a submarine and ship operations like surfacing plus diving control, snorting control, reaction to alarms, deluged control, training for firefighting, and surfaced controls. Realistic scenarios are built so that the submarine crews can learn, investigate, get trained, and predict results in a much better manner.

Tank Simulators

Tank simulator of Ocean simulators is a new and artillery simulator which is introduced to protect the operational enthusiasm of computerized infantry units. This particular simulator is created especially to train and sharpen the skills of the commanders and gunners for engaging as well as handling weapon systems like tanks. It allows the audience to identify, track, detect, choose ammunition, fire, focus, range, and exert adjustments through using different kinds of ammunition and tools of tanks.

Amunation Simulators

Ammunition stimulator is another product of Ocean simulators. This realistic ammunition simulator is made for entertaining as well as polish the skills of the shooters of all skill levels and ages. This simulator comprises of different rounds like man marker round, silent blank round, battlefield blank round, non-marking round, target shooting round, and target bullet round. We utilize the state of art hardware along with a software of full HD capabilities to provides the best-simulated shooting practice.

Bike Simulators

The bike simulator of Ocean simulators is a technical tool which brings the real-life training practice for riders of bikes. We provide a wide variety of exercises along with different riding scenarios specifically created to enhance the riding skills in various types of environments. These environments comprise of residential areas, rural two lines small roads, busy streets of cities, and expressways with sophisticated interaction of Traffic. Furthermore, large riding ranges along with multi-lane test tracks are also accessible.

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